Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Projects
  • Branding/Design Direction/Art Direction
  • Creative Direction: Nick Carbanaro
  • Art Direction: Ben Lebovitz
  • 2017
  • Additional Design: Andrew Braswell, Ben Lebovitz, Francis Almeda
In support of the 'Legacy Museum' and 'National Memorial for Peace and Justice' 'Google's Brand Studio'was enlisted to create a series of collateral to support and help market the these projects initiated by The Equal Justice Initiative. Our team was responsible for creating the interactive web experience lynchinginamerica.org, which would lead to media, and social campaigns as well as promotional items for events and fundraisers. Together we created a comprehensive branding and typographic structure Along with animation styling, art direction for short films, and documentary photography. The project is ongoing and will take many forms as The Equal Justice Initiative continues to reasearch, and process data.

This project is special to me. As I spent a great deal of my early years in Alabama and most of my life in the southeast. Racial tension has always a conversation in my life in some way, in regard to this nations open wound left by genocide and slavery. I am honored to contribute to Eji's work toward reconsiliation, rememberance, and justice.